2nd hand uniform rules and regulations

Thinking mostly about reducing waste while saving some money to the Park-IS families, the PPA organizes a sale of second-hand uniforms.

Starting in 2021, these actions will always be done with a social character.

You can donate the uniforms that you no longer need, at any time, leaving it at the reception of any Campus, with an indication to be delivered to the PPA's uniform bank.

The sale is open to all Park-IS parents. PPA is solely responsible for the sale of used uniforms.

The uniform sale will be made online, and the delivery will be at the campus you choose. We will confirm your purchase and the delivery date, by email.

Below, are the rules for participating in the this sale:

  1. The donation and order of second hand uniforms are open to all PaRK-IS parents;
  2. Only uniforms that are currently in use at PaRK-IS are accepted for the online sale;
  3. The items received as donations will go through a screening process to ensure they are in good conditions, prior to the sale; Please take in consideration that these are second-hand pieces, therefore they may show reasonable signs of use;
  4. The pieces approved will be listed in a stock form, with indication of the item, size and price of each item; the stock form will be updated frequently, to make sure it reflects the stock available at each moment;
  5. The rejected pieces will be made available for other solidarity initiatives, in coordination with the school;
  6. 90% of the amount raised will be given to the local charity chosen at the beginning of the campaign;
  7. The price of each item is about 50% of the price of the new item;
  8. All parents can place orders online, at any time, using the online form ;
  9. All orders will be confirmed by email, as well as the date and time of the delivery;
  10. Payments can be made in advance, by bank transfer or MBWay, or at the time of delivery, in cash;
  11. Deliveries will be made on a first-come, first-served basis and taking in consideration the stock of each item;
  12. The items that are not sold will remain in the uniform bank at PPA for other sale initiatives or similar actions;
  13. PPA is the only responsible for this uniform sale. In case of doubt, parents should contact: fardas.ppa@gmail.com.

You can check the availability of items here. Please place your order using this form.