2nd hand uniform rules and regulations

Thinking mostly about reducing waste while saving some money to the Park-IS families, the PPA organizes a sale of second-hand uniforms.

If you are interested in selling any of your old uniforms, please stay alert for the sale dates which we will publish on the PPA website and on the Park-IS newsletters.

 To participate we ask you to deliver to us your old uniforms together with this form

For the December edition please hand them at any Campus reception during the week of December 2-6. The sale will take place on December 12th at Cascais (08h00-10h00), on December 13th at Restelo (08:30-10.00) and Alfragide (16:00-18H00) and on December 18th at Praça de Espanha (16:00-20H00).

The sale is open to all Park-IS parents.

PPA takes sole responsibility for the second hand uniform sale. Find below the rules to participate in the market:

1. Only uniforms that are currently in use at PaRK-IS are accepted for sale (no old logos pls!).

2. The price ​​of each article is set in this form and prompts you to deliver it with your used uniforms for sale (around 50% of the price of a new item).

3. The PPA will have a commission of €1 for each piece sold.

4. Uniforms delivered without a properly filled form will not be included in the sale and PPA will not be responsible for this item nor for its return.

5. Uniforms delivered must be in good condition and PPA is free to reject delivery of any article that is not in good condition.

6. In the week following the sale, parents who have entered the uniforms market will be contacted via email by PPA with the sale result.

7. After the sale, PPA will contact parents to organize the return of articles that have not been sold.

8. PPA takes sole responsibility for the second-hand uniform sale. If in doubt, parents should contact the parkis.parents.association@gmail.com.