Our mission

The main goal of the Park Parents Association (PPA) is to represent the parents and guardians of all campuses of the PaRK International School promoting the parents influence in all school aspects of school life. We strive to be an active part of the school community as well as on the educational process provided by PaRK IS.

Main Objectives for PPA 2019-2021

1. Promote parental participation in the school community:

  • Increase PPA membership and representation; 
  • Activate communication channels (i.e. website, newsletter or email updates) to bring the school community closer together;
  • Demonstrate consistency and transparency in meeting regularly and communicating among stakeholders;
  • Collect feedback from parents and students on school-related matters in order to more accurately serve the relevant stakeholders;
  • Promote workshops or lectures with specialists on topics relevant to the school community (parenting; personal/social/educational development of children; new technologies; etc.).

2. Strengthen school-to-PPA relationship and streamline relevant information:

  • Work together with school leadership to understand parents' concerns and propose and support solutions;
  • Demonstrate consistency and transparency in meeting regularly and communicating among stakeholders;

  • Define common areas of interest where PPA can support all PaRK IS campuses;

  • Create relevant calendars to consolidate campus and network academic, athletic, and social events.

3. Support new parents and students in school integration:

  • Organize social and informative events for new parents (i.e. welcome breakfasts);

  • Organize welcome events for new students;

  • Promote events that celebrate the diversity represented in each school (i.e. Diwali, Chinese New Year, Halloween, etc.).

4. Continue to improve the school environment for our children and all school staff:

  • Strengthen the spirit of collaboration and cooperation within the PaRK IS community through actions and events in which everyone is able to participate (i.e., Parent/Student Volunteer Program);

  • Organize fundraising events to generate funds for larger and ongoing PPA activities;

  • Promote environmental awareness at school (e.g. waste management, water consumption, reuse of school materials, etc.);

  • Establish links between extracurricular activities and day-to-day school activities (i.e., a talent contest);

  • Promote the second-hand uniform sale;

  • Promote transportation and carpooling solutions;

  • Partner with companies with services relevant to the school community. 


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João Carlos Sousa



João Moreira



Rita Pedroso



Joana Aguiar

1st Secretary


Sofia Mello e Faro

President of General Assembly


Paula Santos

1st Secretary of GA

(Pr. Espanha)

Marta Ferraz

2nd Secretary of GA


Maria João Piteira

President of Fiscal Counsel


Elisabete Alegria

Member of Fiscal Counsel


Vanda Silva

Member of Fiscal Counsel



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