Our mission

The main goal of the Park Parents Association (PPA) is to represent the parents and guardians (as associates) of all campuses of the PaRK International School (Park-IS), to promote their involvment in relevant aspects of school life. We strive to be an active part of the school community as well as on the educational process provided by PaRK IS.

Main Objectives for PPA 2021-2023

1. Promote parental participation in the school community:

  • Activate communication channels (website, newsletter or email updates) to bring the school community closer together;

  • Implement year-group representatives (per year/campus) to identify subjects of interest to parents and students in school-related matters;

  • Promote sessions / lectures with specialists on topics relevant to the school community (parenting, personal, social and educational development of children, new technologies, etc.).

2. Strengthen school-PPA relationships and streamline relevant information:

  • Keep a regular calendar of meetings to keep up with the school's pedagogical project and to be able to address current and future issues;

  • Define common areas of interest, where PPA can support the school.

3. Support new parents / students in school integration:

  • Organization of social / informative events for new parents (welcome breakfasts, buddy system);

  • Organization of welcome events for new students;

  • Promotion of events that foster exchange and cultural diversity represented in the school (eg Diwali, Chinese New Year, Halloween, etc.).

4. Provide a better school environment for our children as well as all school-related staff:

  • Establish links between the Park community through joint actions that mobilize the whole school;

  • Development of actions that promote respect for the environment at school (e.g. waste management, water consumption, reuse of school materials, etc.);

  • Organization of fundraising events which will revert to fund some improvements to be applied in school, playground, technology, etc.;

  • Strengthen the spirit of collaboration and sharing of the PaRK community through actions / events in which everyone's participation is coordinated (eg Parent / Student Volunteer Program in Punctual Activities);

  • Establish some link between extracurricular activities and day-to-day school activities (eg Talent Contest)

  • Promotion of second hand uniforms sale;

  • Promotion of transport and carpooling solutions;

  • Partnership with companies with services relevant to the school community.

Consult the full program here.


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Joana Peixoto Aguiar


(Alfragide - Senior School)

Joana Ceitil

Deputy Chairman

(Alfragide - Senior School)

Leah Johns

1st Secretary

(Praça Espanha - 

Early Learning, Senior School, )

Paula Trindade Silva

2nd Secretary

(Restelo - Junior School)

Maria João Piteira


(Alfragide - Senior School)

Patrícia Santos

Chairman of GA

(Alfragide - Junior School)

Filipa Gonçalves

1st Secretary of GA

(Alfragide - Early Learning)

Maria Giestas Montenegro

2nd Secretary of GA

(Restelo - Early Learning)

João Carlos Sousa

President of Fiscal Board

(Alfragide - Senior School)

Ana Raquel Godinho

Member of Fiscal Counsel

(Alfragide - Senior School)

Ana Enes Oliveira

Member of Fiscal Counsel

(Alfragide - Senior School)


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