Our mission

The main goal of the Park Parents Association (PPA) is to represent the parents and guardians of all campuses of the PaRK International School promoting the parents influence in all school aspects of school life. We strive to be an active part of the school community as well as on the educational process provided by PaRK IS.

The PPA's mission stands on 3 pillars:

  • Provide support to all parents and guardians (particularly "new" parents and guardians at PaRK IS) regarding the schools' rules, educational policy and all aspects of school life to help families integrate smoothly with the school community;
  • Promote joint activities to increase the bonding between the students, the PaRK IS and the family;
  • Cooperate with the school's management, the teachers and all the staff of PaRK IS to improve the school and our children's education.



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João Carlos Sousa


Primary school, years 1 and 2

Rita Silveira


Daycare, 1 and 2 years old

Sara Leite


João Moreira

1st Secretary

Daycare, 3 years old

Paula Mexia

2nd Secretary

Kinderkarten, years 4 and 5

Sofia Mello e Faro

President of General Assembly

Secondary School

Vanda Silva

1st Secretary of GA

Prep School, 6th grade

Rita Pedroso

2nd Secretary of GA

Primary school, years 3 and 4

Maria João Piteira

President of Fiscal Counsel

Events, Secondary School

Elisabete Alegria

Member of Fiscal Counsel

Rita Baeta

Member of Fiscal Counsel

Prep School, 5th grade


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