News and Events

Thanks to the campaigns carried out this year (2nd hand uniforms and Christmas cards) we were able to raise funds to furnish a room for 4 babies in the nursery of CASA NOVA in Ajuda de Berço. These babies are about to move into a brand new house, big, beautiful, full of light and with a huge garden.

Este mês tivemos muitas e diferentes celebrações religiosas (e não só) e as famílias do PaRK IS, também muitas e diferentes, festejaram a preceito! Lançámos o desafio na newsletter semanal e foram várias as famílias que partilharam connosco como passaram este período.

Keeping with our goal of reducing waste and to support PaRK IS families, we will be organising the first Exchange Fair. It will take place at the Praça de Espanha Campus, on April 28th between 3:30pm and 6:00pm.
Bring the items of the PaRK IS uniform you no longer need and exchange them for the size above or for...

As you all know, during the second term there were recurrent cases of head lice and nits affecting the whole school community. Contagion is inevitable, causing changes in school dynamics and contributing to an increase in student absence.
So, to help families who might be interested, we have established a protocol with Head Cleaners in Alvalade....

Last friday, 13/December, we elected a new list for the PPA, for the years 2021-23. The general meeting took place at the Alfragide Campus, and only one group of parents, 'List A', was voted.

On October 25th we had a meeting with the Head of Senior School and the Deputy Head of Academics to discuss some concerns raised by parents regarding the students progress follow up and general information procedures. These were the topics discussed: