News and Events

The PPA has kept monthly updates with the school where the key topics have been the quality of the virtual school, the progressive re-opening of the school and the financial support to families in need.

Desde que o PaRK IS anunciou o fecho devido à pandemia COVID-19, a PPA tem recolhido feedback sobre as preocupações dos pais, quer directamente através dos representantes da PPA em cada campus, quer indirectamente, através dos canais em que estamos presentes. Temos também estado em contacto com a gestão do PaRK IS, abordando os seguintes aspectos:

Last wednesday we had our monthly meeting with PaRK IS management team. Given the fact that the school is now forced to this virtual school system, we spent most of the time discussing the situation and how are children, parents and school coping with the new situation.

PPA is planning on having regular meetings open to all parents at each campus, so we can get to know you and understand your concerns regarding your child's school life. This is the plan for the meeting at each campus:

PPA Survey


PPA is launching a survey to all parents, to better know the school community at Park-IS and identify the thoughts, feelings and concerns regarding our children's school life.

During the month of March, PPA@Praça de Espanha, in coordination with the school, will receive Rui Pessoa Pires for some music sessions with the families.

The students of the first and second grade students had a general assembly together to discuss the best way to spend the money raised at the Christmas Market. After identifying what were the critical items lacking in the pediatrics ward of IPO, they voted to purchase the following: 2 wheelchairs, 2 TVs LCD 32 inches, 1 TV 40 inches and...

On December 18th, the Praça de Espanha Parents Association chapter organized an amazing Christmas Market, selling their own products and setting up workshops for the children. They raised 1.005€ for IPO, which will help children with cancer. It was a fantastic example for our children!