Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers frequently asked questions that PPA receives from parents. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the PPA for advice.

1. How can I join PPA?

To join simply fill this Enrollment Form and pay your fee.

2. Why should I join PPA?

Joining the PPA is your gateway to the wider parent community beyond your child's class. It is an open door to learn more about the school, share experiences and obtain clarifications to your questions.

The PPA meets regularly with the school leadership where we bring your concerns and suggestions.

We are stronger together!

3. Is there any annual fee?

Yes, 5€ is the annual fee and we use it to pay the day-to-day costs of the PPA (e.g., creation of legal entity, website maintenance, etc). Note that activities organized by the PPA have a cost and the remaining money is given to local charities.

4. I have a specific problem in the classroom of my son, who should I contact?

We do think that classroom problems should be sorted with the classroom teacher or the Tutor. If necessary, it can be sorted with the Head of Year and if it is something more general then it should have the intervention of the PPA. Individual issues or from small groups of students should be addressed directly with the teacher or tutor and the Well-Being, that is fully prepared to support our children and teachers.

5. I have sent an email 1 week ago to PPA and I did not receive any answer. Is this normal?

We do our best to answer emails on a daily basis. However, we are a group of volunteers and sometimes it is difficult to answer immediately. If you don't receive an answer in a week, feel free to resend the email just to guarantee someone is looking at it.

6. I have uniforms that no longer fit to my child, can I resell them to you?

If you wish you can donate the uniforms to the PPA that will sell them in 2nd Hand Uniforms Fairs or other events in PaRK campuses. At those events and fairs, you can change your under size items for items that fit your growing child or simply buy what you need. At any time, you can buy online - go to 2nd Hand Uniforms page to find out more.

The money raised will fund local charities, as a way of giving back to the local community.

7. I am concerned with the amount of food given to my son during the school day. What should I do?

If you are concerned with something related to your son, let us know. We might have discussed it recently with the school and in that case we can give you some feedback or we will collect your concerns and take it to our next meeting with the school.