Do you need a Buddy? Do you Want to be a Buddy?


PPA embraces all new (and existing) families with the aim of making them feel welcome and part of the school community.
Starting a new school is always challenging, especially if this is also your first time living in Portugal. Often, as parents, we have questions which cannot be readily answered by the school, but which other parents would be very happy to answer. There is a variety of topics which could be addressed in the context of a "parent-to-parent" conversation.
Therefore, we have created a "Buddy System" where parents can help each other. Please sign up HERE if you would like to have a "Buddy" to help you with any questions you may have, or (and just as important), in case you would like to become a "Buddy" for other PaRK IS parents. In the form you will also find the operating rules of this initiative. For more information, please check our rules of engagement.