New PPA List Elected 2021-23


Last friday, 13/December, we elected a new list for the PPA, for the years 2021-23. The general meeting took place at the Alfragide Campus, and only one group of parents, 'List A', was voted. 

At the meeting we also had the opportunity to present a status report of PPA activities during 2020 and 2021, event durint the confinement and pandemic:

  • Organization of monthly and quarterly meetings between members of the PPA and members of the school Board;
  • Organization of a Welcome Breakfasts at the beginning of each school year and on all campuses, to welcome and enlighten new parents (via Google Meet during the pandemic); 
  • Creation and dissemination of a Questionnaire to know the Park-IS community of families and identifying areas of interest or concern with regard to school life;
  • Different publications in the Weekly Reminders, to stimulate and promote interaction inside the school community;
  • Support the school with the creation of Scholarships in the pandemic phase - "No one is left behind";
  • Creation of the Cultural Challenge, where each family is challenged to write a little about the important dates in their cultures of origin; 
  • Creation of the "Buddy System" for new parents, to facilitate their integration into a new school and strengthen the feeling of community; 
  • Organization of 3 editions of the World Holiday Market on the PdE Campus, to bring the entire PaRK IS community together in a solidarity action and an opportunity for families to promote their own businesses;
  • Christmas postcard competition in which each Campus chooses an institution to support;

  • Second-Hand Uniform Market in online format, where 90% of the amount raised is delivered to charities;

  • Creation of a WhatsAPP group to promote Carpooling between parents;
  • Organization of a Kart race to support the AMI campaign - "Vamos Todos Ser Dinis" (reforestation of Pinhal de Leiria).

You can meet here the members of the new list elected and consult our action plan for the next two years