PPA update on openings and fee reductions

The PPA has kept monthly updates with the school where the key topics have been the quality of the virtual school, the progressive re-opening of the school and the financial support to families in need.

Throughout this period the PPA has expressed three key priorities: 

1. to make sure the virtual school is the best possible and the best in Portugal, 

2. to re-open the school as soon as it is legally possible but maintaining the virtual school option for the families who cannot or do not want to send their children to school and

3. to promote the unity of the school community and ensure no student is left behind for financial needs.

We are happy to say that the school's words and actions throughout this crisis have been 100% aligned with these priorities. 

We cannot say for sure that the virtual school at Park-IS is the best in Portugal but we have all witnessed first hand the full commitment of the school and the teachers to provide the best virtual school possible and to improve every week.

The school has re-opened as soon as legally possible for the Early Learning years with comprehensive safety measures for children and staff while keeping the virtual school on for students that stayed at home.

The #NoStudentLeftBehind initiative, which the PPA is proud to have been at the origin of, has been picked up by our school and the Inspired Group and will support 24 Park-IS students with full or part time waivers of the school fees and many more Inspired students across the world. We believe this has been an outstanding initiative that promoted the unity within the school community while provided real and tangible help to those in need.

A side note on the #NoStudentLeftBehind initiative: you may have noticed a similarity of the the PPA logo and the initiative's. The School has requested permission to use it which we were happy to give. But the most interesting trivia about this logo is that it all started with an IT/arts project between the recently created PPA and the 8 Graders of Park-IS back in 2018. You can read all about it here but, in a nutshell, we asked the students to come up with a mock website (and logo) for the PPA. Below you will find two logo proposals from the 8th Graders (first two pics) that eventually morphed into our PPA logo and the subsequently #NoStudentLeftBehind logo. Big thank you to the students!, you have already left a permanent mark in your school!

As always, the PPA will continue to work with the school to find solutions that address the concerns of the families, supports our children and promotes the cohesion and well being of the entire community around our children's school: parents, students, teachers, staff and partners. 

While we expect Primary School and Grades 5 and 6 to re-open from July for the usual internal and external workshops (as soon as legally possible) our attention will shift to the new year. 

And, given what has happened throughout these (almost) 3 months of difficult times for everyone, we are sure that our community is stronger and prepared for the challenges of the new school year.