Welcome Breakfasts for all Parents!


Last week we held our welcome breakfasts at all the campuses - a mix of virtual and physical events, where we had the opportunity to meet a lot of you and talk about the school community, our main concerns as parents and how we can all contribute.

We gathered a lot of inputs to our next meeting with the school. These are the mains topics raised by parents:

English level of some teachers, as well as some concerns regarding IGCSE and IB program adjustments;

  • Covid-19 is still an issue, with an huge impact on daily routines and school life;
  • Facilities adjustments and logistics, playgrounds and traffic around the school;
  • Integration of new students and families, even more challenging in the current situation we live in;
  • Practical initiatives to facilitate communication between parents (e.g. carpooling);
  • Promotion of events to increase engagement in the school community.

Stay tuned, to know about these meetings and new initiatives that may come from here!