World Holiday Market for IPO and Acreditar


Following last year's successful pilot, the 1st official edition of the World Holiday Market is on! 

From December 10th to 13th, the World Holiday Market will be LIVE! this time in virtual format (signs of the times).

Several brands and businesses from PaRK IS families will be available on this site so you can meet them, shop for gifts for someone special or something for you.

We are offering no discounts but a minimum of 10% of the value of your purchases will  be donated to the IPO's paediatric department and to Acreditar. Some brands will donate a bit more.

Can we count on you?! 

While we have your attention: the Park Parents' Association (PPA) strives everyday to  make the school of our children better and to contribute to establish a vibrant, inclusive and caring community around the school. We are better the more we are so if you have not joined yet please take a few minutes and join the PPA here