News and Events

On November and December we had the first coordination meetings with the school where we presented the new structure and operation model and addressed several topics of interest, identified by parents through contacts with the PPA:

New PPA Team


On November 12th 2019, we elected a new PPA list, with new members and representation from all campuses (18 members: 13 Alfragide, 2 Restelo, 2 Praça Espanha, 1 Cascais).

Next week, the PPA will organize a second hand uniform sale. The sale is open to all Park-IS parents.

The school has recently presented significant differences in the curriculum and important increases in the prices. Find here an analysis of the price evolution and the position of the PPA on this matter.

The school with the support of the PPA has created a special commission with parents to follow up on the works on the new Alfragide Campus. One of the key purposes of this receive suggestions from the parents to address their key issues.

Every year the PPA organises welcome "breakfasts" thinking mostly (but not exclusively) about the new families. It is the chance for the guardians to ask questions, share experiences and express their concerns and priorities for the upcoming school year.

PPA website


Over the last school year the PPA has worked with our 8th graders on the new PPA website. We have briefed 8A and 8B on what the PPA is and what we would like to see on the website (the attached picture is from that session).