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Dear Parents and Guardians: we are validating all accesses to the PPA website. If you have registered but do not have yet access to the 'Members Only' pages please be patient! :-)

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What we do

Our main areas of action 

Welcoming new parents

Moving to Lisbon or simply changing to an International School can be a challenging experience for both parents and children. We help you navigate your way into your new school.

Liaise with the school

We meet regularly with the school heads to bring our concerns, suggestions and offer our help in improving the school.

Lost and Found - coming soon (members only)

Did you lose something at school? You can find all lost&found items here (only once we move to the new campus)

2nd hand uniform marketplace

Do you need uniform? Has your child outgrew her uniform and you would like to pass it on? Look here for used Park IS uniforms at discount prices (coming soon).

News and Events

Read what's new this week

Thanks to the campaigns carried out this year (2nd hand uniforms and Christmas cards) we were able to raise funds to furnish a room for 4 babies in the nursery of CASA NOVA in Ajuda de Berço. These babies are about to move into a brand new house, big, beautiful, full of light and with a huge garden.

Este mês tivemos muitas e diferentes celebrações religiosas (e não só) e as famílias do PaRK IS, também muitas e diferentes, festejaram a preceito! Lançámos o desafio na newsletter semanal e foram várias as famílias que partilharam connosco como passaram este período.

Would you like to help?

The Park IS Parents Association (PPA) needs all the parents. You can help us by sharing your concerns, making suggestions, asking questions and proposing solutions.

The PPA leadership is elected in our annual General Assembly but we have ad hoc workgroups which you can join if you like to contribute.