New PPA Team


On November 12th 2019, we elected a new PPA list, with new members and representation from all campuses (18 members: 13 Alfragide, 2 Restelo, 2 Praça Espanha, 1 Cascais).

We have defined an organizational model to coordinate actions across all campuses and ensure an open communication with school representatives:

• The PPA is divided into working groups, one for each campus and one for each line of action; These groups will meet on a regular basis;

• Monthly PPA meetings to coordinate information from all working groups and prepare meetings with school representatives;

• Monthly meetings with school representatives on all campuses;

• Quarterly meetings with school management, to address pedagogical and / or topics common to all campuses.

We believe that this organizational model will allow PPA to be closer and more active on each campus, to support parents in their integration and connection to the school, while simultaneously having a comprehensive view of cross-cutting issues and a proximity to the management of PaRK that allows us effectively create more value for the school community.

We aim to have monthly PPA meetings open to all parents, to promote greater relationship and involvement in our community.

We hope to have more news on this soon!