Parking options at Restelo


Last week at Restelo we were greeted with the usual "beginnig of the school year visit from the police" that approached some drivers that were not parked correctly around the school (they may have given out a few tickets in the process...).

As a result, we decided to make this post to let you know what are the parking options for dropping off and picking up kids from the Restelo Campus.

First to bear in mind that parking on the sidewalk is illegal everywhere in the city for whatever reason unless it is stated otherwise specifically. Which brings us to the where you can park:

  1. there is a small area just after the school gate on the sidewalk where you can park (check the pictures). It is only good enough for 2 or 3 cars so it is really small and hard to get.
  2. around this exception area and right in front of the school it is illegal to park and you can be fined. However, we have informally learned that the police may tolerate cars parked on the sidewalk between the drive through gates if it is for drop off. The operative word here is "may" so park there at your own risk :-)
  3. the three best options around the school (100% legal for as long as you like :-)) are highlighted in the google maps image below. #1 is the closest to school, right behind it and just before the São Francisco Xavier Hospital.
  4. #2 in the google maps is opposite to the Secundária do Restelo and also a very short walk from shcool. This is usually full.
  5. #3 is a 5 minute walk from school but the safest bet of them all with usually many places available. It is just after the BP petrol station if you are going up the Av. das Descobertas. It is also conveniently accessible via Av. Dr. Mário Moutinho (if you are coming from Monsanto or Ajuda).
  6. last but not least, our favourite option is really to use the drive-through! Of course using the drive through means we do not get to chit-chat with staff, teacher and/or other parents but when time is an issue you cannot beat this alternative!

the three areas closest to the school where parking is permitted

Whatever option you choose the one guaranteed to get a fine (should there be a policeman in the area) is stopping on the right lane of the road with the blinkers on. It will also earn you the wrath of any driver who is not coming to Park-IS so please avoid this at all costs.

This red car is parked in the exception area (thumbs up!). However,  it should be parked "horizontally" (as shown in the street sign) to allow room for pedestrians and baby trollies. Even if you are in the right area you could be fined for parking this way. 

All the cars after the street sign are outside the exception area and, hence, illegally parked